Foundation Trio

The facial that does it all! It will soon become your go-to for a more even skin tone, skin tightening, and glowy, radiant skin.

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The Foundation Trio combines 3 different treatment modalities that are 100% tailored to suite your individual needs! Here's how the Foundation Trio works!

The Foundation Trio consists of 3 steps:

Step 1: Forma

Forma is a laser technology that uses radiofrequency to heat the lower layers of the skin to help stimulate collagen production. In doing so, skin is smooth and tightened overtime. Forma is a pain free and very relaxing treatment. It's safe for all skin types and tailored to your skin's needs. We treat the face and/or neck.

Forma can be used to sculpt cheekbones, define the jawline, lift the brows, and provide overall skin rejuvenation. Forma comes standard with the Foundation Trio, or a standalone treatment.

Step 2: Lumecca IPL

Those looking to address pigmentation issues such as brown spots, sun damage or facial redness, then Lumecca IPL is for you! Lumecca uses IPL (intense pulse light) to address a variety of pigmentation concerns. We love Lumecca because through a series of treatments, or even just one, you will see an overall uniformity of your skin tone.

Step 3: A personalized facial

A personalized facial completes your Foundation Trio treatment. During your treatment, a provider assesses your skin and discusses your skin concerns. Again, the Foundation Trio is 100% customizable to your skin's individuals needs to depending on your concerns, have your choice between these amazing facial services. A REJUV Facial, Hydrafacial, Extractions, Glycolic Peel, Microdermabrasion, Dermaplaning and more.

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Our proven process revolves around identifying areas for improvement, recommending the most effective treatment plan, and closely tracking your progress to make sure our approach is truly making a positive difference in the way you look and feel.

From weight fluctuations, to pregnancies, to natural aging your body goes through a lot. Combining the recent advances in science with our proven process can help you achieve the toned abs you’ve been longing for while regaining the pelvic strength you’ve lost with age. Are you ready to feel your best while looking your best? Contact us now for a complimentary REJUV BODY consultation.

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