January 6, 2021

VISIA Skin Analysis

“Where do I start…?” is the question we often hear from clients, overwhelmed by the many options available to improve their skin, and ultimately their appearance. “Chemical peels, micro-needling, HydraFacial, BBL, HALO, Botox, fillers, skin care…what does it all mean, what should I do, where do I start???” You start at REJUV AVE. with a complimentary VISIA Skin Analysis!

To really see what’s going on with the health of your skin, we start with a skin care consultation using a VISIA Skin Analysis. It gives us, and you, a very clear picture of your skin, from the top surface down to 3mm. The damage that lies under the surface may not be a problem today, but it will be down the road. Here’s how the VISIA works. It scans your skin by taking a series of 3 quick pictures and digitally captures key visual information. It measures 8 different skin conditions. Wrinkles, spots, brown spots, UV spots, texture, pore size, and porphyrins (bacteria in pores). These categories are further analyzed as percentile scores. The higher the percentile, the better. It compares your skin’s features to others of the same sex, age, and skin type and will also provide you with your “TruSkin” age. For example, a 45-year-old woman with excellent skin may be evaluated with the skin of a 38-year-old, and vice versa.

After you have celebrated or cried, (we’ve seen both) one of our Licensed Esthetician’s will create a customized plan of care giving service and product recommendations that works for you, both short and long-term, depending on your lifestyle, budget, etc. You will be given a folder with your VISIA images and results, recommendations, costs and a treatment plan. We never want to recommend you something you don’t fully understand.

The bottom line, knowledge is power! An educated client is always our goal. When you can see what’s going on with your skin and understand what it means, you can then address it, select a plan, and start seeing visible improvements. We are here to help you navigate your treatment plan using our 4 step Proven Process to ensure you achieve maximum results. Take the first step to healthier, more beautiful skin, call our office and schedule a Visa Skin Analysis! We are your skin care experts servicing Fenton, Grand Blanc, Flint, and more. You can also Book Online right now.