March 31, 2015

Perfect 10 Peel for Radiant Skin

Are you looking to achieve healthy, radiant skin this summer?? Then it’s time for you to try a series of Perfect 10 Peels at our Fenton, Michigan med spa. Many of our clients know this is one of the best ways to make dramatic improvements in texture and tone while also softening fine lines. The Perfect 10 peel is also great for lightening pigmentation in the skin.

Why do you need to exfoliation your skin?

Your skin is a pretty big deal! It’s the largest organ of your body, made up of millions of cells. Every day your skin needs to shed thousands of cells to usher in fresh, new skin. Problem is, it can be really stubborn due to many factors (environment, stress, oily buildup, and more), and the shedding doesn’t occur frequently enough. In comes a Perfect 10 Peel to the rescue.

What is the most effective chemical peel?

The best chemical peel for you depends on your skin’s needs and your goals. For many of our patients, the Perfect 10 Peel offers exceptional results. It is a medical-grade chemical peel that has a proprietary acid blend, retinol complex, and antioxidants. What does this mean to you?? Fresh, new, radiant skin.

What do you do during a chemical peel?

With a Perfect 10 Peel, the proprietary solution is applied on the skin for a short period of time, usually 3 to 5 minutes. You may feel slight warmth and tingling during that time.

The reaction is then neutralized and a layer of Retinoic acid is then applied. This step sometimes has a soothing, calming feeling. The Retinoic acid is left on for an additional 5 minutes or longer. Your skin may appear pink for the rest of the day.

Are chemical peels painful?

The Perfect 10 Peel is a well-tolerated treatment with minimal discomfort.

How long does it take to recover from a chemical peel?

No downtime is required after a Perfect 10 Peel. Over the next 48 hours after your peel, your skin will start to tighten, and superficial peeling will begin. Within the next week, your skin will peel similar to a mild sunburn. This is easily masked by mineral-based makeup. It’s not uncommon to also have a slight breakout, but no further treatment is necessary.

What should you do after a chemical peel?

It is very important not to pick at the skin and to keep your skin very hydrated during the peeling process (about 7 days). A true sunblock containing zinc or titanium is very important as well. All of these products can be purchased at REJUV, and our licensed estheticians will recommend the perfect post-care products for this and future peels.

How many Perfect 10 chemical peels does it take to see results?

It is important to note that these peels are best done in a series; 1 treatment will not yield optimal results. We always have buy-3-get-the-4th-free specials on all peels at REJUV. These are usually done every 4 to 6 weeks, so a package of 4 will ensure your skin stays radiant all summer long.

If you’re ready to get rid of those dead and damaged skin cells to reveal softer, younger looking skin and you’re in the greater Flint area, our skincare team is here to help. During your consultation, we’ll start with a complimentary VISIA® Skin Analysis to get a clear picture of your skin’s needs and create a skincare plan that’s best for you.

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