New Year - New You - New Skin - New Body

January marks the beginning of a new year.

For some, a fresh start, the beginning of a new chapter. This year, you may choose to reevaluate your aesthetic goal whether it be skin care, your fitness and body goals, even injectables. We are here to help! From simple yet effective changes you can make at home, to committing to your overall aesthetic goals. First step is by making an appointment with us to evaluate and create a customized plan of care offering the best services and products we offer to help you achieve your goals.

Let's start with the easy changes you can make at home to improve your skin.

Cleaning your makeup brushes, changing your pillow case often, getting rid of expired skin care products and makeup. All can harbor bacteria which can result in unnecessary breakouts. No one wants that! Clean makeup brushes and wash your pillow case at least once a week. Reevaluate your skin care and makeup after 6 months. Not working for you? Toss it!

I know you've heard this one, and it's so easy to just skip it, but ladies and gents, wash your face morning and night. Especially at night. Why? Night is when your skin repairs itself. Makeup doesn't help that happen.

This one you've heard on repeat. WEAR SPF EVERY DAY. Yes, bold caps are needed, and here's why. Sun damage is the #1 cause of pre-mature skin aging. If you are investing in your skin trying to improve texture, tone, and wrinkles, don't throw your money away by not wearing SPF.

Now we're getting closer to you walking through our doors if you haven't already. Keep in mind these simples tips at home, go hand-in-hand with our in office services in achieving healthy, glowing skin. Two other tricks at home to keep your skin glowing, exfoliating and moisturizing. Exfoliating your skin 3 times a week rids your face of dead skin cells that can clog pores, give a dull complexion, and doesn't allow for skin care products to penetrate the skin. Moisturizing the skin keeps it plump, bright, and hydrated.

Now here you are. About to walk through our doors, to begin or take additional steps forward to continue your aesthetic journey with us. 80% of your skin care and body results are what you do at home. 20% is what you do at REJUV AVE.

This is where you ask yourself, what are my skin and anti-aging concerns, and what steps do I want to take to improve and correct those concerns. Are your concerns fine lines and wrinkles? Restoring lost volume? More defined cheeks, jawline, and lips? Skin texture? Pigmentation issues? Acne? Acne scarring?

We offer a variety of facial services, laser services, and injectable solutions to help you improve and correct your concerns. Also, medical grade skin care that make up the 80% of your overall results.

If your goals are to eliminate fat, build muscle, reduce cellulite, tighten skin or improve urinary incontinence and overall sexual wellness, then you need to look into REJUV BODY.

Whatever your concern is, with our well-rounded service options, we more than likely have a solution for you!

Your level of concern and overall end goal will help you determine the best treatment solution.

As mentioned above, we offer a well-rounded selection of service options that can help you achieve your goal. The service choice depends on what level of comfort you have with the service that can help you achieve your goal. For example. If you are concerned with your sun damage and brown spots, laser would likely be the best solution. However, if lasers don't appeal to you, we have another solution, micro-needling with fade away. If you're looking plump up areas of the face, but don't like the thought of Fillers, maybe Sculptra, a collagen injectable stimulator may be more your thing. It's all about personal preference and we will tailor a plan customized to your needs, while helping you achieve your goal.

First step, schedule a VISIA Skin Analysis, Laser Consultation, Injectable Consultation or REJUV BODY Consultation to determine the best Plan of Care for you. Knowledge is power, so let's get started!

Book your consultation by calling 810.701.8088 or booking online!