February 1, 2021

Micro-needling – A leading skin transformation treatment!

Micro-needling, or collagen induction therapy, is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation procedure that improves fine lines and wrinkles, scars, acne scarring, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, and pore size. It's FDA approved to treat acne scarring and neck lines.

Here’s how it works:

As we age, collagen and elastin production slows way down. Together, they keep connective tissue firm and help it to hold its shape. As your skin loses collagen, it loses elasticity. On average, we lose about 1% of our collagen EVERY YEAR after the age of 20! The more collagen we lose, the more fine lines and wrinkles appear, which is why it is essential that we work to increase our collagen levels. Micro-needling is a great way to accomplish this.

Micro-needling punctures the skin to create a controlled skin injury that kick-starts your skin’s natural ability to heal itself, and in the process produces collagen and elastin that plump and firm skin. It promotes cell regeneration and enhances the absorption of peptides that are applied during the treatment.

What peptides do we apply?

Growth is a peptide that is micro-needled into the skin building collagen and elastin while stimulating growth and vascularization. Growth aids in skin repair and healing time, allowing quicker recovery time.

Fade Away is perfect for brown spots and hyperpigmentation. Fade Away is a gentle lightening cream that is micro-needled into the skin and is formulated to lighten and brighten skin. It is safe for all skin types.

What to expect:

Before the treatment, we apply a topical numbing cream to your skin to keep you comfortable during the procedure. Afterward, your skin can be somewhat red, similar to a sunburn. You may also experience very dry and flaky skin over the next few days and will need to keep it well moisturized. It takes only a couple of days for the skin to look back to normal. Natural collagen growth happens over weeks and months.

Depending on the areas treated and what you’re looking to achieve, we recommend three micro-needling treatments for optimal results.

A series of 3 treatments is $1,110! That’s a savings of 10%! A series comes with a Post Care Kit including Skin Better products that will promote better results and healing!

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