Framing the Face with JUVÉDERM® VOLUX™ XC and VOLUMA™ XC

The "JAWLINE" trend and why it has become increasing popular over the years.

Interest in jawline has been rapidly increasing, Google searches of "jawline filler" has increased 10x over the past 5 years. In recent studies with Allergan Aesthetics, 70% of consumers are bothered by their jowls. 30% are bothered by their weak or narrow jawline. And 40% of consumers are considering treating their jawline or jowls with a dermal filler in the next year. A hyaluronic acid (HA) filler specifically designed for the jawline did not exist yet, leaving a clear market gap. Insert JUVÉDERM® VOLUX™ XC, the first and only HA filler specifically designed for the jawline.

Why choose JUVÉDERM® VOLUX™ XC for the jawline?

First and foremost, it's the first and only HA filler specifically designed for the jawline, which means there have been numerous clinical studies conducted that back the science behind it in order to bring it to market. The unique properties of VOLUX™ XC make it ideal for defining the jawline. Every filler consists of its own unique properties, which allow for different filler types to be placed in different areas of the face. The closest filler to VOLUX™ XC when we talk about elasticity and cohesivity is VOLUMA™ XC. That's why VOLUMA™ XC and VOLUX™ XC are the perfect duo when framing the face. Cheeks, chin, and jawline are the three most popular treatment areas using HA filler when trying to restore facial harmony. VOLUX™ XC has the highest G' prime and cohesivity in JUVÉDERM®'s VYCROSS technology. This means its resistant to compression contributes to gel spreadability. Simply put, it stays where it needs to be, which is to mimic bone. For example: If you're building cheeks with VOLUMA™ XC, and defining the jawline with VOLUX™ XC, you want a filler that is more firm. For lips or smile lines, you'd want a much softer filler, like JUVÉDERM® ULTRA™ or VOLBELLA™.

In a 12 month clinical trial for VOLUX™ XC, 70% of patients had improvement in jawline definition and reduction in jowling in 6 months, with most reporting results through 12 months. 94% of patients were satisfied with treatment results, with 84% continuing to report satisfaction over 12 months. 90% of patients would recommend to a friend!

What is the correlation between filler, facial anatomy, and aging?

Let's discuss the "Triangle of Youth." In our youth, facial features are defined and well contoured. High cheek bones, full cheeks, and a defined jawline are commonly described as the triangle of youth. But as we age, the triangle inverts. It’s not just about the lines and wrinkles, but also the aging that occurs beneath the skin. Signs of aging exist at every layer of the facial structure. Over time, we begin to lose facial volume, the contour of the face changes, causing shadow patterns to develop, while youthful highlights fade. Facial bone changes, soft tissues deflate due to gravity, and skin sags and droops downward. Facial fat-pads shift causing fullness between the neck and chin referred to as jowling. We’re going to see these changes, layer by layer, cause our youthful triangle inverts.

That's where filler comes in. When we start to experience the signs of aging, filler can replace that lost volume, create contour and highlights to the face, reduce the appearance of jowling, etc. Or, filler can do all these things that may not be attributed to aging, but rather a result from genetics.

I think I may be a candidate for jawline filler, now what?

First step, schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our Nurse Injectors. During that appointment, you'll discuss your aesthetic goals, in which our Nurse Injector will give you a full face assessment with recommendations and a treatment plan on how to achieve that goal. During your full face assessment, it is our goal and responsibility to set realistic expectations. If you come in requesting jawline filler, we look at the entire face to ensure adding jawline filler will still maintain facial balance. If we see that adding a little bit of cheek and chin filler will have a better end result in maintaining or achieve facial balance, we will suggest such. You'll leave feeling confident, a better version of you.

Looking for a complimentary full face assessment with one of our Nurse Injectors? Schedule online or call 810.701.8088!

We used VOLUMA™ XC to highlight her lateral cheek bone, to treat chin shadowing, and add chin projection. We used VOLUX™ XC to define the angle of the jawline, and jawline itself.