July 6, 2021

Facial Anatomy and Aging

Aging, which can begin as early as our 20’s, is an individualized process with factors such as health, diet, sun exposure, and genetics. With genetics playing possibly the biggest role. Looking to our mothers may provide a glimpse into how our faces may change over time.

The Triangle of Youth

In our youth, facial features are defined and well contoured. High cheekbones, full cheeks, and a defined jawline are commonly described as the triangle of youth.

How the Triangle Inverts

It’s not just about the lines and wrinkles, but also the aging that occurs beneath the skin. Signs of aging exist at every layer of the facial structure. Over time, we begin to lose facial volume, the contour of the face changes, causing shadow patterns to develop, while youthful highlights fade. Facial bone changes, soft tissues deflate due to gravity, and skin sags and droops downward. Facial fat-pads shift causing fullness between the neck and chin referred to as jowling. We’re going to see these changes, layer by layer, cause our youthful triangle inverts.

Aging Skin

Youthful skin is soft, supple, smooth, and well hydrated. As we age, we lose moisture, collagen, and elastin which can lead to sagging. Sagging skin can then lead to dynamic and static wrinkles.

Fat-Pads and Aging

Fat pads are located below the skin’s surface and help provide volume, facial contours, and fullness. A we age, fat pads get thinner and descend, which may cause less firm and sunken face compared to our youth

•Hollows begin to form beneath the eyes
•Lines around the nose and mouth
•Sagging jawline
•Increased fullness under the chin

Muscles and Aging

Our facial muscles lie beneath our facial fat-pads. As we age, loss of facial fat, combined with gravity and repetitive muscle activities
can lead to deep wrinkles in the face. As a result,
we see more:

•Forehead lines
•Crow’s feet
•Frown lines
•Folds around nose and mouth
•Fine lines around the lips
•Marionette lines on the chin

Fat muscles weaken over time giving the face a loose, sagging appearance. Our jawline loses its contour, and our chin profile becomes less defined.

Age-Related Facial Bone Loss

Facial bones provide the foundation for muscles, fat-pads, and skin. It gives us our unique facial shape and contour. Facial bone loss can lead to:

•Larger, more sunken eye area
•Flattened cheeks
•Loss of lip projection
•Less defined chin

Changes in the skeletal structure combined with falling of skin and soft tissues may result in marionette lines and less defined jaw. The chin typically becomes less pronounced giving the appearance of saggy neck skin.

Treatment Options

Advances in facial aesthetics allow us to restore the triangle of youth with a natural look.
The following treatments can be used as individual solutions or a customized treatment plan to target each point of the “triangle”:

•Dermal Fillers
•HALO Hybrid Fractional Laser
•Diamond Glow

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