Winter Skin Care


We all know how harsh winter can be on your skin, but what do we do about it? It’s very daunting to stare at the mountain of products on drug or department store shelves. We are constantly reading labels and questioning if the product in hand will work. Marketing is good, which makes it even more difficult to find the right skin care mix. Honestly, the best answer is – seek an expert. It’s vital to really examine your skin type, problem areas, and figure out why your current regimen is not working. Its not about trial and error, or finding 5 different products, rather the perfect product for YOU.

After determining your needs, its really all about moisture and protection. Winter = cold = heated indoor air = VERY DRY!! So, we have to put that moisture back and protect it. Oil based moisturizers are very good because they act like a protectant (sometimes called “ointments”). Creams or lotions that are water based will be slightly less effective because of dry air. Just like drying out the skin, they dry up the lotion faster and you will need to re-apply a lot. But this is where a skin analysis is important, not all oils are created equal and you may not want to add certain oils that may clog pores. Oil based products may also trigger a breakout for your skin type. So its very important to have your skin examined first.

Other products that contain humectants are very good as well. You can usually tell these by ingredients that contain the word “hydroxy”. At REJUV AVE. skin spa, we carry a product by Neocutis called Hyalis Hydrating Serum. This has pharmaceutical grade Sodium Hyaluronate. I know what you are saying, what the heck is that?!? Well, its found naturally in your joints, eyes and skin. But it also works as an amazing moisturizer, because its not only protects the skin, but it attracts moisture to it – without leaving it feeling greasy like an oil based product might.

Have we had enough science class? Again, it’s all about Hydration and protection. Not only protection from the dry air, but also from the sun. I know it doesn’t feel warm outside, but the sun is still very intense. And as much as I want to treat your sun damage, I rather prevent it… so an SPF with that moisturizer is very important.

Other things… humidifier, my hubby just installed one on our furnace and its already making a huge difference. But a stand alone unit is just as good. Don’t forget those hands either, all the sanitizer and washing wreaks havoc on them, so lather up and often.

If you have questions or concerns about your skin, come in and see me. I would love to help.


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