How to Remove Brown Spots

Brooke first visited REJUV AVE. in hopes to alleviate issues with chronic migraines caused by constant squinting from using a computer everyday. Of course she enjoyed the added benefit of addressing the scowl wrinkles between her eyes and forehead lines that have been a problematic area since her late 20’s. Tracy suggested Botox to address her immediate concern. She received a Visia Skin Care Analysis to receive a customized Plan of Care which included Intense Pulse Light (IPL), 3 for Me, and an at home skin care regimen. After receiving Botox and achieving results in relieving her issues with migraines and wrinkles, Brooke moved forward with her Plan of Care and scheduled her first IPL appointment.  After receiving her first IPL treatment for brown spots and sun damage, Brooke was extremely happy with the first treatment and her results. She is excited to receive her last two treatments in which she’s already scheduled her next two appointments. What is Intense Pulse Light? The pulse light penetrates the skin breaking down the skin’s pigment caused by sun damage and aging. It helps to remove brown spots and redness of the skin. Why should I get it? To obtain skin clarity and a more youthful appearance. Are the results permanent? They can be. It depends on exposure to sun, lifestyle, hormones and genetics. Maintenance is suggested, 1-2 treatments per year depending on lifestyle. Is there downtime? No downtime, but expect skin freckling for 7-10 days until it flakes off. In this video we are discussing what you will experience during your 30 minute IPL treatment. Do you have brown spots you would like to get treated? Give us a call or book online. 810.701.8088

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