Written by: REJUV AVE. Skin Spa
Published on: February 22, 2023
August 29, 2016

Double chin? Remove it permanently with KYBELLA®

Let’s face it, we all have little problem areas on our bodies we would rather ignore. For a lot of us, it’s a double chin. And the worst part… diet and exercise sometimes won’t touch it. Depending on age and genetics, this can be an incredibly difficult area to improve. And, until now, the only real solution was an invasive procedure, such as liposuction. Although this works, it involves downtime, discomfort, risk and high price… this has now changed with the introduction of Kybella. And our clients have been experiencing amazing results.

At the beginning of the year, our Allergan rep (makers of Kybella, Botox, and Juvederm), came to us with this fantastic new product that looked amazing on paper and in clinical trials. Of course, Dr. Kroese, D.O. and I spent a great deal of time training and understanding the science. Our findings have been met with such excitement. Kybella has been in development for the better part of 10 years. It’s not just a fad, but rather the only FDA injectable to reduce submental fat (double chin). In trials, the side effects have been minimal and none permanent.

I’ll try and explain the process at a very high level. Kybella is a synthetic version of deoxycholic acid, which is a naturally occurring molecule in the body that helps metabolize fat. Kybella is injected in 20-30 spots under the chin, which are custom mapped before the treatment. This is done with a very tiny needle (30g), and is tolerated very well. To minimize any discomfort, we also apply a topical numbing cream and ice the area before administering. Once we have injected those 20-30 spots, Kybella will do its work. You will have some swelling and feel the fluid in the chin for a few days. You will have some numbness, which can last up to 6 weeks (or more). You may also be tender, have minor bruising and be sore. All of these mild side effects reported did resolve with time. Overall, there is no real downtime (maybe a little social if you don’t like the temporary puffy look). Kybella is typically done in 2-3 treatments, 6 weeks apart. The price of the treatment is $2400 and that covers both treatments. If a 3rd treatment is required, discounting will apply.

If you weren’t able to attend our Kybella event two months ago, you missed out on great education from the makers of Kybella (and great savings). We had 10 patients sign up that night, and at the time of this blog post, most have had their first treatment. All the patients that have been treated have are experiencing amazing results, including Scott (My husband / co-owner), see his pictures after only one treatment below – not only us ladies can benefit:


We don’t want to sell or promote anything we truly don’t believe in… Kybella is a major game changer and something we can fully support.

Want to know if you are a good candidate for the procedure? Call us today (810) 701-8088 and book a consultation. We will only proceed if you are comfortable and if we know you will benefit. We have already treated a lot of patients, all with many differences in submental fullness. We are confident we can advise you if it’s the right fit.

Exciting times in the beauty biz! See you soon!