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Juvederm Voluma XC

Juvederm Voluma

When you think about aging, specifically the face, you probably think about lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. These are very common concerns for most people. Back in the day, if a woman (or man) wanted to improve their appearance, a face-lift was pretty much the only option. Some face-lifts are done well, but some result in an unnatural pulled appearance, or what we call a “windblown face”. While face lifts have their time place, we now know that restoring VOLUME into the face conveys youth, and can take years off your appearance! Let me explain. When you were younger, you had nice, round “apples” for cheeks. As we age, we not only lose the fat pads that create the apples, we also lose some of the bone that supports it as well. The results are cheeks that look flat and deflated, with the possibility of now looking “bottom heavy”. (Gravity…it’s not our friend). When you add volume back into the cheeks, it’s like a mini face lift. The good news? It’s fast, it’s easy, it’s relatively painless and it’s NOT surgery! No down time is one of the reasons so many people are choosing filler versus surgery. (Not to mention the cost). Another thing to consider is that age doesn’t matter. If you’re over 18 and have always wanted a little more fullness in your cheeks, we can do that too!

What is this miracle in a syringe? It’s Voluma XC, one of the many Juvederm products. (Voluma is made especially for cheeks). We love it because of its ability to lift, restore and sculpt, and we are impressed with its longevity. It can last up to 2 years! The results are immediate, subtle, and natural. Voluma is made up of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance that’s found in the body, making the chance for any reaction or allergy very low. It is injected with an ultra-fine needle, and there is lidocaine added to minimize discomfort. Patients sometimes experience temporary swelling or slight bruising, but not always. If you have cheeks that leave you flat, we know you will LOVE Voluma!!

Call and schedule a free consultation to see if Voluma is right for you. (810) 701-8088

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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal on Legs

Here’s a fun fact: Adult humans have about 5 million hair follicles on their body, the same number as a chimpanzee. You’re right, it’s not fun, but it’s a fact! We spend an enormous amount of time and money on this annoying daily ritual. That’s a whole lot of shaving, waxing, depilatories, and tweezing, resulting in razor burns, ingrown hairs, razor bumps, skin irritations and the occasional crime scene laceration. Stop the madness, Laser Hair Removal (LHR) can change your life. It will quickly, safely and effectively remove unwanted hair from (almost) any area on the body.

What you need to know:

Hair grows in three stages: anagen (growth), catagen (regression), and telogen (resting). The laser only works on hair in the growth phase. Between appointments, some of the hair will grow as it cycles through the phases. Hairs that may have been dormant during previous treatments may now be active. This is why a series of treatments is necessary, so hair can be targeted as it moves into the growth phase. When the laser hits your skin, the melanin, or pigment in your hair follicles absorbs the energy and is destroyed. Once a follicle is successfully destroyed, it won’t grow back.

Is it permanent?

There is no such thing permanent hair removal, or 100% hair removal. However, you can expect to see a gradual reduction over several treatments. (We recommend at least 6 treatments, scheduled 4 to 6 weeks apart). When hair does grow back between appointments there will be less of it and it will be finer and lighter. For an example, when you have completed your treatments, you may only have to shave once every few weeks, or months instead of daily. A touch-up appointment once or twice a year may be necessary.

How do I prepare?

Avoid tweezing and waxing 2 to 4 weeks prior to your appointment. These methods can disturb the hair follicle and interfere with laser hair removal. Shaving is OK because it preserves the follicle. In fact, shaving is recommended so that the laser doesn’t target hair above the skin, potentially causing a burn. Also, avoid tanning and sunless tanning products.

Does it hurt?

It doesn’t feel great, it’s like a rubber band snapping. But you can do it, you can do anything!

Does it work on gray or blonde hair?

Sorry, no.

Does everyone get the same results?

Absolutely not. It is important to remember that each person’s age, ethnicity, weight, metabolism, medication, and hormones have a direct result on hair growth and can affect their laser hair removal process. Individual results will vary.

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All About Botox

Botox Before & After at REJUV
Have you ever been asked, “why are you always mad?”, even when you’re happy? Do wrinkles have you praying the Fountain of Youth exists? Well, it doesn’t, but Botox does, and it’s the next best thing! If you’re already a Botox user, you know first hand how truly amazing it is. If you’re considering Botox, here are some things you should know. First and foremost, it’s VERY safe. You may have read otherwise, (the internet is a scary place), but the sensational claims concerning Botox are unfounded. The safety record is extraordinary and it’s literally safer than aspirin. Long before Botox was used for wrinkles, it was treating a number of other medical conditions. Today it’s used for migraines, overactive bladder, muscles spasms, excessive sweating, etc., with new discoveries being made every day. Feel better? Good, because Botox injections are one of the most affordable, fastest working, safe and effective non-surgical aging treatments available, with over 5 million injections done annually in the U.S. (It’s the number one treatment performed at REJUV AVE). However, we cannot emphasize enough how important technique and experience is. The muscular anatomy of the face is very complex and injections can easily be placed incorrectly. Our master injectors have extensive knowledge, expertise, and training, and strive to ensure you get the desired result. The appointment is quick (about 15 minutes) and painless. (OK, a few little pokes). An ultra-fine needle is used to inject minuscule amounts of Botox (onabotulinumtoxinA) into targeted areas (the forehead, the area between the eyes, and crow’s feet) and blocks signals between the nerves and muscles, causing the muscles to relax and soften. You won’t look frozen, (we don’t do that) and you will still be expressive, natural looking and refreshed. The onset of Botox is gradual – it usually takes 3 to 5 days to see some subtle results, but by day 14 the correction is complete. At this time a touch-up / tweak can be done if needed. Botox typically lasts 3 to 4 months but individual results may vary. Three treatments a year usually works well to keep you smooth and wrinkle free. If you stop getting injections, muscle activity will simply return to its original state. But why would you? Who doesn’t want to look younger and feel better about themselves? The one regret we consistently hear? “Why did I wait so long?” Live without regrets, call to schedule an appointment and see if Botox is right for you.

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